School Counselors
  • Meet the Skyview Counselors!!


    Skyview's Counselors are

    Danny Medina-Rivera and Beverly Guillory


    Listed below are a few of the services they provide for our wonderful scholars here at “The View”:

    • Teach preventative and developmentally appropriate guidance curriculum regularly in all classrooms K-6.

    • Teach students skills such as problem solving, making friends, College and Career Readiness, decision-making and appropriate behavior

    • Meet with students and/or parents in crisis or with immediate concerns such as behavior, academic, family issues, grief and loss.

    • Providing support and resources as appropriate to students and families.

    • Help students choose courses for secondary education, reviewing interests, achievement and test results.

    • Advocate for all students.

    • Support the mission of Skyview Elementary through parent and teacher education training, staff developments and, community outreach