• Aikin Elementary has in place a school uniform policy. The following guidelines will help you to determine your child's uniform wear:



    One of the following choices in solid white, yellow, or blue (no logos or pictures on shirts):

    Polo style-short or long sleeve, with collar

    Blouse-short or long sleeve, with collar

    Buttoned shirt, short or long sleeve, with collar

    Aikin Spirit Wear T-shirts or sweatshirts

    No midriff or sleeveless tops. Tops must be long enough to be tucked in.



    Solid navy or khaki

    No bike shorts

    Walking length shorts (Shorts length must be below fingertips when hands are to the side.)

    Belts should be worn at all times if the shorts or pants have belt loops. Students whose pants are not appropriately around the waistline will be required to use a zip-tie for the day to keep their pants up.



    Solid navy or khaki

    Shorts may be worn under skirts (skirts must come below the fingertips when hands are to the side.)

    Shoes: Closed-toe shoes (athletic shoes preferable)

    Jackets: In cooler weather, solid blue, white, or yellow sweaters or lightweight zip-up jackets are acceptable.


    All shirts/tops are required to be tucked in at all times when students are on school campus and remain tucked in at all times during school hours. NO oversized jackets may be worn in the building during the school day. Jackets out of compliance with the uniform guidelines must be removed while inside the building. This includes large, oversized hoodies (sweatshirts).


    If a student is not appropriately dressed parents will be contacted to provide appropriate clothing. If a parent is not able to be reached, the school may loan the child appropriate clothing.


    Uniform clothing is available for purchase at the following retail stores:

    J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, Target, Wal Mart


    Students are encouraged to take pride in their personal appearance. Cleanliness, safety, neatness, modesty, and the effect on the learning environment were considered when developing and implementing guidelines for student dress at Aikin Elementary School.