• The District cooperates in a program to offer low-cost accident insurance to students. Students or parents pay the premium for the coverage if they choose to participate. RISD is not responsible for treating injuries and cannot assume liability for any costs associated with an injury.

    Students or parents have the opportunity to purchase the following low-cost insurance coverage:

    School-Time Coverage:
    Coverage is in force for the hours and days when school is in session and while attending school sponsored and supervised activities on or off the school premises.

    This plan does not cover Athletics/UIL activities in grades 7-12.

    Available Plan Types: Standard Plan and Elite Plan

    24 Hour Coverage:              
    Coverage is in force around the clock, 24 hours a day, including summer, weekends, and vacation periods. Protected at home or while away – any time, any place, anywhere. The UIL/Sports Coverage protects students while at practice or participating in school sponsored and supervised UIL Activities and Sports for grades 7-12. Varsity Football is excluded.


    Available Plan Types: Standard Plan and Elite Plan

    Football Coverage:                
    Coverage is in force while students participate in practice or play of school sponsored and supervised varsity football activities, including travel to and from by in-school transportation. This coverage is for grades 10-12 and 7-9 if they practice or play with grades 10-12. School time and 24 hour coverages purchased separately.

    Available Plan Types: Standard Plan only

    Link for Student Insurance (English)

    Link for Student Insurance Spanish (Spanish)