Teacher Programs

    The RISD Excellence in Education Foundation knows that highly skilled and highly qualified teachers is the most important factor in student success. They also set the standard for excellence throughout the district.   The Foundation annually presents 14 teacher awards including a monetary prize and pays tribute to the recipients at events throughout the year.


    Administrative Excellence Awards

    The Foundation annually hosts and funds a celebratory breakfast for all principals and assistant principals of RISD and awards the Principal of the Year Award recognizing one elementary and one secondary principal for their outstanding leadership, student success and respect of their peers. Each principal receives a $1,000 award from the Foundation.

    Mary Kellagher POY2018

     Secondary POY-Bill Gallo

    2018 Recipients:

    Mary Kellagher - Northlake Elementary - Elementary Principal of the Year

    Bill Gallo - Memorial Park Academy - Secondary Principal of the Year


    2017 Recipients:

    Pam Aitken - Prestonwood Elementary- Elementary Principal of the Year

    Yolanda Gaither - Apollo Junior High - Secondary Principal of the Year


    2016 Recipients:

    Debbie Yarger - Wallace Elementary - Elementary Principal of the Year

    Farrah Smock - Parkhill Junior High - Secondary Principal of the Year


    Fujitsu Teacher Trailblazer Award

    The Fujitsu Teacher Trailblazer Award was established by Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. to honor and recognize two teachers in grades K-6 with a $5,000 award who:

    • Integrates creative and innovative use of technology as part of the instruction process
    • Use of innovative questioning and inquiry techniques to challenge students
    • Student behavior indicates learning is at a high cognitive level
    • Use of instructional strategies including motivational techniques to successfully and actively engage students in the learning process
    • A high percentage of student achievement based on appropriate assessments
    • The teacher successfully seeks out and engages in professional development activities as well as providing formal/informal leadership working constructively with others for continuous growth and development meeting student needs

     a gus

    2019 Recipients:

    Alicia Woodfin - Richardson Terrace Elementary

    Gustavo Lomelin - O'Henry Elementary


    2018 Recipients

    Audrey Leppke - MST magnet school

    Sarah Beasley - Lake Highlands Elementary 


    The Texas Instruments Innovations in STEM Teaching Award

    The Innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Teaching Award is an annual award underwritten by Texas Instruments Foundation that honors instructors who are diligently working to enhance student achievement in STEM through the use of innovative teaching methods and technology to enhance instruction and learning.  The goal of this award for the Texas Instruments Foundation and the RISD Excellence in Education Foundation is to raise the profile and importance of quality STEM instruction among teachers and the community.  In addition, the award provides incentive for outstanding teachers to continue the quality instruction in RISD.  The two $10,000 awards are given to two secondary teachers in RISD and include a personal award of $5,000 and $5,000 for professional development and classroom needs.

     2017-2018 TI Recipient and Prize Patrol  

     Laura Bond 2018 Recipient

    2018-2019 Recipients

    Tobi Brook

    Helen Arceneaux


    2017-2018 Recipients

    Oswaldo Rivera Ortiz - Richardson High School

    Laura Bond - Richardson North Junior High


    STARS Teacher Recognition Awards

    The STARS Teacher Recognition Award recognizes and encourages innovation and creativeness in the classroom.  The Excellence in Education Foundation annually awards $1,000 to each recipient selected from nominations at all teaching levels. Awards are limited to ten teachers who have completed two years in RISD regardless of grade, subject matter, or assignment. Over 300 teachers, including this year’s recipients, have received this distinguished award since 1977. This year's awards were underwritten by Texas Instruments Foundation, Credit Union of Texas, and AXA Advisors.


    Use this form to nominate a teacher for a 2019-2020 STARS Teacher Award


    2018-2019 Recipients:

    Ashley Nick - Richardson North JH

    Sonya Ayers - Apollo JH

    Jason Schayot - Berkner HS

    Rachel Nelson - Forestridge Elementary

    Erica Hoyt - Wallace Elementary

    Matt Smith - Forest Meadow JH

    Maria Velasco - Dover Elementary

    Courtney Wright - Carolyn Bukhair Elementary

    John Witter - Richardson HS

    Jonathan Roozeboom - Westwood JH


    2017-2018 Recipients:

    Nicole Wilson - Math, Science and Technology School

    Sherry Null - Apollo Junior High

    Ashley Jones - Hamilton Park Pacesetters Magnet

    Heidi Harris - Arapaho Classical Magnet

    Ross Ferrans - Forest Lake Academy

    Judy Boone - Wallace Elementary

    Casey Boland - Lake Highlands High School

    Erik Archilla - Richardson High School

    Angie Alford - Spring Creek Elementary

    Erin Fox - Parkhill Junior High 


    RISD Champion Award Winners

    The RISD Champion Award was created to encourage and thank support staff for their invaluable contributions to Richardson ISD. Any employee in the paraprofessional, maintenance and operations, child nutrition and transportation departments having worked for a minimum of two years is eligible for this award.


    2018-2019 Recipients:

    Jack Cameron - Child Nutrition

    Brenda Alexander - Transportation

    Charles DeLong - Maintenance and Operations

    Graciela Garcia - Paraprofessional

    Lindsay Baronskie - Paraprofessional


    2017-2018 Recipients:  

    Debbie Stokesberry - Aide - Mark Twain Elementary

    Terry McGuffin – Executive Assistant - Skyview Elementary Annex

    Remberto Navarro – Custodian - Lake Highlands Elementary

    Laura Horning - CN Manager - RHS Cafeteria 


    Patti Kieker Servant Leader Award

    The Foundation also funds the Patti Kieker Servant Leader award to an outstanding central administrator.





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