• Magnet School Application

    Does your 6th grade want to apply to a magnet school? There are two different ones: West Junior High (Arts and Technology) and Westwood Junior High (Math, Science and Leadership).

    · Applications are done on online!

    · This application opens on November 7th and closes December 1st.

    · You can access the application by going to www.risd.org/magnets and clicking the "Junior High Application" link.


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    Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID)


    What is AVID?  Our nation’s schools are full of students who possess a desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard, but many of them do not truly have the opportunity to be college-ready. These are often the students who will be the first in their families to attend college and are from groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education. AVID Secondary equips teachers and schools with what they need to help these students succeed on a path to college and career success. To address this need, AVID has developed the AVID Elective course. For one period a day, students receive the additional academic, social, and emotional support that will help them succeed in their school’s most rigorous courses. Districts have the flexibility to decide how many AVID Elective classes to start and which grade levels will implement AVID first.


    How does your student learn more about AVID? An AVID representative will be coming out to MPE soon to discuss AVID at Forest Meadow Junior High.


    How does your student apply for AVID? After our AVID presentation from the Junior High, I will hold a lunch with students interested in AVID and review the process with them. They will need to fill out a information form and get parent's signature, they will need to ask two teachers for a recommendation and they will be prepped for an interview that will occur in January/ February.


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    Over the next few months, 6th grade students will begin using an online program called Naviance. Naviance for Middle School is a college and career readiness solution that helps students discover during these pivotal years their strengths and interests, and see how they can help them reach their goals. It also enables individual learning plans aligned to students’ goals. In 6th grade students will learn how to access the program and complete two tasks. The first task, Road Trip Nation, will allow students to think about careers that they are interested in and listen to interviews with men and women who have jobs in that field. Later in the year, students will complete a survey about junior high.

    As students grow, they will continue to use Naviance to explore their interests, and career and college options.