• Wolf Pups (formally know as Wallace Wannabes)

    The Wallace Wolf Pup program was developed to encourage preschoolers (and their parents, of course) to visit the school, meet the teachers, become familiar and comfortable in the surroundings, and experience what life will be like when they reach kindergarten and officially enroll.

    Even though your preschoolers are not attending Wallace, you are part of our family. We encourage you to register yourself and your child with our PTA system (no purchase required). This will put you in our communication pipeline and keep you up to date on everything going on at Wallace!

    For more information, contact the PTA Preschool Event chair, Allison Loaring-Clark.


    Upcoming Events- All events start at 9:30 am 

    October 4, 2019- Story Time with Principals

    November 1, 2019- PE

    December 6, 2019-Music

    January 10, 2020 - Art

    February 7, 2020- Library

    March 6, 2020- Counsular and Garden

    April 3,2020- Kinder