CMLC Building
  • About CMLC

    The original campus of the Christa McAuliffe Learning Center opened in 1977 at Northrich Baptist Church. Later, the school was moved to 407 Lockwood. When the school first opened, the program was a Special Education/Separate Campus for only emotionally disturbed children.

    Grades 7-12 were taught during the first year and the enrollment was 48 students. When the school was moved to 970 Security Row in 1991, the enrollment increased to 96.  In 1992, four regular education classes were added for discipline. In 1993, the Alternative Learning Center became an official school instead of a program. In 1995, a sixth grade class was added.

    In 1996, 1stthrough 6th was added and housed in portable buildings behind the Administration Building at 400 S. Greenville Avenue. The school became known as the Alternative Learning Center. In 1997, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name from Alternative Learning Center to Christa McAuliffe Learning Center.  In 1998 CMLC moved to its current location at 900 S. Greenville Avenue to house 1st through 12th grade under one building.