• A Few Words from Principal Cox


    Hi Parents,


    What a great Parent Ed event we had put on by ASL! There was an adult self-defense class and one for parents and their 5th/6th graders. Great information given on ways to stay safe and we are grateful that ASL donated their time for Mohawk! 


    Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and I want to put in the back of your mind that when we return students are testing for the Middle of the Year assessments. The week of November 27th students will be taking the Reading and Writing tests on Tuesday (28th) and Wednesday (29th). The following week, students will be taking a math assessment on Tuesday, December 5th. There will also be an opportunity for makeups. The data used from these assessments will allow us to tweak instruction, accommodations, and interventions used for students. We will be able to provide better and more accurate instruction from the data analysis we do with these assessments. Per the district, the MOYs are given in a 2-hour time frame, taken for a grade, and not able to be sent home. We will communicate with you your child’s results before heading home for the winter break!



    ~Megan Cox



    Megan Cox