• Morning Arrival:

    • The school instructional day begins at 7:50 a.m.
    • Students should plan to arrive no earlier than 7:20 a.m.
    • Students who are accompanied by a parent must stand by their parent while waiting to enter school.
    • When the doors open at 7:20, all students should go to the cafeteria.
    • Breakfast is served between 7:20 and 7:40. Students wishing to eat breakfast should put down their belongings and go to get in line for breakfast.
    • Students who have already eaten breakfast and wish to go to the library should sit at their grade-level table and raise their hands for a pass.  When in the library, they should utilize activities in an appropriate manner.
    • At 7:40, all students may proceed to class.
    • Our “Hug Zone” is located at the front entrance. Only students and staff are allowed past this point unless a parent checks in at the front office.
    • Once on school property, students’ bikes, scooters, and skateboards should be walked. These items cannot be stored in school. Bike racks have been provided on school grounds for students.
    • Serving on Courtesy Patrol is a privilege reserved for 6th grade students.
    • Arrival Map (link)


     Afternoon Dismissal:

    • Students have 5 options for dismissal:
    1. Circle Drive Pick-Up (Car Riders): Students who are picked up in the circle drive will sit quietly in their grade level hallway. Teachers will dismiss students as their names are called over the walkie-talkie. Students will walk out to the circle drive.
    2. Walk Out Back With Their Class (Walkers): All other students walk out the back of their grade level’s wing with the grade level representative. Older siblings will meet the youngest sibling outside. All students who actually walk home should use the crosswalks. Parents who do not wish to utilize the circle drive pick-up system must park their car along Birchridge, walk up to the side exits, and check their child out from his/her teacher.
    3. xPlore Afterschool Program: Students who attend the xPlore program will wait in the cafeteria with xPlore staff.
    4. Daycare Pick-Up: Students who attend daycare will wait in the cafeteria with assigned staff members.
    5. District Bus: Students who ride District buses will wait in the cafeteria with assigned staff members.
    6. Dismissal Map  (link)
  • NHE Administrators


    Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Creech

    14532 Meandering Way

    Dallas, TX 75254


    Fax 469-593-4301