• Welcome to The Arts. We are giffted with a long visual legacy: Art is a way of life.

    It is a process of discovery in which one observes, interprets, and expresses an experience. Art is active culture,that makes  a diiference and changes lives. Create with passion; leave footprints of beauty.....


    The work of art requires perception: learning with the five senses, observation, experiences, imagination, creativity intergrating the elements of art: colors, textures, forms, lines, space, value; and the principles of art: emphasis, pattern, rhythm, balance, proportion, unity;incorporating subjects and themes from personal experiences, the environment, creating works of art by developing skills,expressing ideas creativity and with originality, arranging forms and desighn, intergrating a variety of ideas about self, life events, family, and community, producing drawings, paintings, prints, scultures, cereamics, fibers, photographic imagery, electronic generated mediaall the white deveopingunderstandingand respect for the traditions and contributions of diverse cultures, while analyzing, comparing and evaluating results, preparing work for display, exhhibiting and so much more!


    Our Mission Statment is to unlock potential, provide opportunities and enable dreams.....

  • Kim L. Temple

    Northlake Elementary

    Art Educator

    Master Reading Teacher (MRT)

    NLE/PTA/RISD CommunicationLaison

    Mentor Teacher for UNT Art Education

    Certified VASE Juror

    10059 Ravensway Drive, Dallas, TX 75238

    TEL: 469-593-2289 FAX: 469-593-2309

    TWITTER: https://twiiter.com/Kim/temple

    BLOG: WhimsicalWidcasts@blogsspot.com

    Email: Kim.temple@risd.org

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