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    • School Nurse responsibilities:

      • Managing the clinic – caring for ill or injured students and staff.
      • Maintaining accurate records – databases of clinic visits for the year, immunization and health concerns database. Preparing state reports at the end of the year.
      • Performing mandated screenings – vision, hearing, scoliosis, and acanthosis nigricans.
      • Making certain that all students are up to date on immunizations.
      • Gathering information, reviewing and managing health concerns – data gathered from the collection of Student Health Information Forms.
      • Teaching in the classroom on a variety of health related topics – nutrition, dental, hand washing, growth and development and HIV, first aid, and school safety.
      • Finding medical, dental, vision and mental health resources for families.
      • Monitoring communicable diseases.  Including weekly reports to the Dallas County Health Department.
      • Being the case manager for special needs students or students with a wide variety of acute or chronic health conditions including students with cancer, diabetes, asthma, seizure disorders, transplants and many others.
      • Administering medications.
      • Monitoring safety issues in the building.
      • Reporting and following up on possible child abuse.
      • Liaison to the community, staff, and parents regarding health issues.










    Click the links below for helpful information about Immunizations, medications, and RISD guidlines for illness

    Medication form 20-21

    20-21 Immunization Requirements

    RISD Guidelines for illness



     QR code for parents

  • RISD In-School Rapid Screening Program

    • Any and all students and staff experiencing symptoms at school will be placed in an isolated area and cannot remain at school, regardless of a negative screening test result.
    • Symptomatic students or staff at school are eligible to receive a rapid antigen screening test.
    • Students and staff should NOT come to school to request a test if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Screenings are optional and require signed parent consent for students under age 18.
    • Screenings are conducted by trained RISD staff with results available within 24 hours.
    • A positive test result will help inform RISD’s next steps related to contact tracing, and the person’s next steps related to care, isolation or additional testing.
    • The tests used are rapid antigen tests supplied by the state of Texas, and while designed to be most accurate while a person is experiencing symptoms (97-98% accurate), are not considered as completely accurate as PCR tests are considered to be.
    • Signed consent for this screening is required, and Health Services staff will also contact parents directly before a screening is given if a student is experiencing symptoms at school.
    • Completion of an employee consent form is required for RISD employees who wish to receive a rapid screening test. Forms are available to employees at the time of the screening.
    • Central RISD employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms during the work day and interested in a rapid screening should work with their supervisor to make arrangements for a screening with RISD Health Services
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  • Please notify the school nurse if your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

    Fever 100.0 , new uncontrolled cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of smell or taste, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, nausea or vomiting diarrhea. 

    Notify the nurse at 459-593-4250 if you have had a positive case of COVID-19 in your household or if your child has had close contact 15 cumulative minutes within 6 feet of an infected person.  

    If you choose to keep your child home due to illness, please call and let the nurse know and we will discuss how to proceed. Do not quarantine your child without letting the Principal, VP, or nurse know as your child may accrue unexcused absences. Thank you so much for your support!



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  • Please scan this QR code for another way to access the parental consent form for optional COVID-19 screening for students with symptoms at school.

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  • Dear parents of 6th grade students,

    You will be receiving an email if I am missing documentation of your child's Meningococcal and Tetanus booster which is required at age 11. Your child's schedule for 7th grade will be held if these shot records are not provided prior to registration. I will input shot records to FOCUS as soon as I receive them by email or paper copy so that your child is all set at time of schedule pick-up. Thanks so much!

    Patty Bressler RN, BSN

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  • Flu Guide for Parents


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  • Nurse Bressler

    Patty Bressler BSN, RN


    14532 Meandering Way

    Dallas, TX 75254


    Fax 469-593-4301


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