Elementary Schools

Schoology In The Classroom


To increase alignment with the RISD Graduate Profile and learning framework, seven RISD schools will be utilizing Schoology, an online learning management system that allows students to collaborate, communicate, and engage in learning.

Schoology allows teachers to give classroom updates, organize and create lessons, distribute assignments, collect completed assignments, grade assignments with annotated feedback, and send the grades to RISD’s student information system – Focus. 

Schoology will allow students to demonstrate understanding and mastery in a larger variety of ways, and the ability to create and store assignments and other artifacts in their student portfolio. 

The Schoology parent portal will help parents stay connected, informed, and engaged in their student’s learning process by giving the parent access to the student’s classes, upcoming assignments, campus and class announcements, and more.

Students at the seven campuses – Arapaho Classical Magnet, Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet, MST, Northlake Elementary, West Junior High, Westwood Junior High and RHS – will continue to has access to the Google Drive and Google tools.

schoology overview