Peer Mediation
  • In Peer Mediation, two disputants (or students in conflict) come together to try to work out a solution to their problem with a neutral third party, called the mediators, to help them along. The Berkner Peer Mediators have training in conflict resolution. These mediators do not take sides or make decisions. The mediator's job is to help the disputants evaluate their conflicts in order to reach their goals and options to find their own mutually satisfactory resolution to the conflict.  

    Mediation is forward-looking; the goal is for all parties to work out a solution they can live with and trust. It focuses on solving problems.

    Who are the Peer Mediators?

    • Berkner Students who: 
      • have specialized conflict resolution training
      • are outstanding leaders
      • easy to talk to
      • honest
      • good problem solvers with great listening skills
      • non-judgmental
      • understand and practice confidentiality

    Key Facts:

    • MEDIATION IS VOLUNTARY. Disputants (aka Students in conflict) choose to work with the mediators. They do not have to.
    • MEDIATORS ARE FAIR. They listen to both disputants and let them take turns talking.
    • In mediation, the disputants TALK ABOUT FEELINGS as well as what happened in the conflict. Mediators assist the disputants to talk and listen.
    • MEDIATION IS CONFIDENTIAL. Mediators do not talk to others about what the disputants say unless it involves something illegal or that could harm themselves or others (They should share this  information with the sponsor.)
    • In mediation, the disputants come up with their own solutions. The mediators DO NOT SUGGEST SOLUTIONS or tell the disputants what to do.
    • Mediation is a peaceful way to resolve conflict without the threat of punishment or adult involvement.


    Who can refer individuals for mediation?

    • Anyone:
      • Self 
      • Friends
      • Teachers
      • Counselors
      • Administrators


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