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New Sign In Procedure

Under the new guidelines, all campus visitors and volunteers will be required to furnish a valid, government-issued photo identification to gain admittance to an RISD school or facility.  One of RISD's top priorities is to maintain a safe and secure environment for all students and employees, and the new system will help to achieve that goal.  It is not designed to and will not be used to unreasonably deny parents the opportunity to participate in their child's education.

  • Raptorware V-soft (Raptor) equipment will be installed at all schools Feb. 17-24. At high schools, the new policies and procedures will go into effect upon installation. A "grace period" will be in effect at elementary schools and junior highs until the new visitor guidelines become mandatory March 19.

When visitors arrive at a campus, front office staff will scan visitors' IDs through the Raptor system, and they will be issued a badge to be worn throughout that day's visit to a campus. The badge should be returned to the office at the completion of the visit.

The Raptor system will identify a visitor who is a registered sex offender or otherwise restricted from being on campus. District staff will be alerted, and an administrator will determine whether to approve the on-campus visit with proper supervision.  Acceptable forms of government-issued identification include: driver's license, state identification card, passport, concealed handgun license, military identification card, government identification card, police or firefighter identification, or Homeland Security-approved identification cards.

Use of the Raptor system will typically occur during regular school or facility operating hours and may be suspended for certain large events for which it is deemed inappropriate.   Information stored in the Raptor system will be treated as confidential.