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Participation in Virtual Instruction




Dear Parent/Guardian:


Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 school year.  We open this school year as we closed last year -- delivering instruction to all students remotely.   Some of your students will participate in virtual instruction for only a few weeks, and others have chosen to continue to receive virtual instruction even after RISD is able to resume face-to-face instruction.   As we explained during the spring, when your student participates in virtual instructional activities, his or her image or voice sometimes may be visible or audible to others on camera or through the telephone.  From time to time, RISD may make audio or video recordings of virtual instructional activities, but those recordings only will be made for educational purposes.


RISD recognizes that while your student participates in virtual instructional activities, you also may choose to observe those activities.  To help us ensure that the educational environment is not disrupted for any student, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the following standards and expectation.  You agree:


  • not to interrupt instruction by talking to the teacher or any other person in the virtual classroom or instructional space;
  • to refrain from any activity that may disrupt the session and will discontinue any such activity if requested by the teacher or other school personnel;
  • not to audiotape, videotape, record, or photograph, in any manner, the virtual instruction or any communications related to the set up or closing of the session by the teacher or other school personnel;
  • to respect every student’s right to privacy, and agree not to discuss your observations or any confidential information inadvertently disclosed during a virtual group lesson; and
  • to discuss any concerns you have about your student or other students observed only with the teacher and/or campus administrator.


Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.