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Parent Back-to-School Inventory Now Open

To assist Richardson ISD with planning and general resource allocation in advance of the August 19 reopening of schools, RISD parents are requested to complete an online inventory to share their preferences. Parents can take the online inventory here in their selected language.

Things to know about the inventory and RISD’s reopening plans:

  • RISD plans to offer in-person classes at all RISD campuses.
  • RISD plans to offer a virtual school option for families who prefer that choice.
  • Information provided by parents in this parent inventory is non-binding and is not associated with any specific students. Student names or identifying information are not requested in the inventory. RISD is requesting the general inventory data in order to assist with decisions about resource allocation and staff assignments ahead of the 2020-21 school year. The information in the inventory is not final or exhaustive, and is intended to provide a general idea for general planning purposes.
  • The Texas Education Agency has yet to issue specific requirements and guidance to schools regarding health and safety precautions associated with reopening schools for in person classes. RISD will comply with state requirements, and is evaluating additional health and social distancing measures with the goal of limiting the spread of the virus among not just students, but teachers, other employees, and our RISD community.
  • RISD is also making contingency plans for intermittent school, if necessary. Intermittent school would occur for students at a specific school if that campus is recommended for temporary physical closure by public health authorities based on a significant number of confirmed COVID-19 cases. In such a case, teaching and learning would move to a virtual, at-home model for the duration of the temporary closure before the school reopened for in-person classes.
  • RISD is in ongoing contact with local public health authorities and will make a final decision on social distancing measures and health precautions by mid-July in order to plan with the most up to date health guidance.
  • When RISD’s reopening blueprint is finalized in July, parents will have the opportunity to formally choose a virtual school option. Comprehensive information about RISD’s reopening plans, protocols and safety measures, as well as parent FAQs, will be available to help inform parent decisions.

RISD parents can take the inventory at this link in their selected language, and the inventory will be open through Friday, July 10.

For more information, see Dr. Stone's June 24 message to parents  |  en español