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School Safety

Some RISD parents have understandably wondered what steps the district takes to keep students safe in the wake of the senseless school shootings in Florida. Student, staff and visitor safety is of the utmost importance in RISD, and the district relies upon numerous measures and protocols to encourage and provide a secure environment. 

  • Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuation, Shelter and Fire emergency drills are practiced a minimum of once per semester to ensure readiness for a variety of scenarios.
  • All secondary schools are assigned at least one school resource officer (SRO) from Dallas or Richardson police departments throughout the school day. SROs are also assigned to specific elementary campuses and available to all schools as needed.
  • RISD Safety & Security staff patrols school facilities and property 24 hours a day, both in and out of uniform, using both marked and unmarked vehicles.
  • During the school day, visitor entry to all schools is limited to secured main entrances with secure vestibules and a double buzz-in system supported by remote camera surveillance.
  • The Raptor Visitor Management System (VMS) requires all visitors with appropriate business on campus to register with the front office and undergo a screening before having access to the building.
  • Staff and secondary students must wear and prominently display district staff and/or school campus identification badges.
  • RISD currently operates more than 3,700 surveillance cameras to monitor activity inside and outside schools and facilities via closed circuit television.
  • Safety and security audits are performed at RISD schools throughout the year.
  • During the school day, staff members are assigned exterior door monitoring duties to ensure that all visitors enter building through main front entrance only.
  • Hand-held metal detectors are utilized as needed at secondary campuses.
  • Canine handlers perform random narcotic and contraband searches on secondary campuses.
  • Students and parents are encouraged to report concerns via the See Something Say Something Program to alert authorities of any potential dangers to RISD campuses.
  • Administrators and SROs regularly investigate rumors and tips related to student safety. All concerns and reports related to student and staff safety are taken seriously and investigated.
  • The Crime Stoppers program solicits anonymous tips of potential illegal activity or suspicions to SROs and administrators.
  • Students found in possession of prohibited items, including weapons, face arrest and consequences under the legal system in addition to disciplinary ramifications under the RISD Student Code of Conduct.
  • RISD strongly recommends that parents remind their children how important it is to immediately report any safety concern, prohibited items, safety-related rumors, threatening online activity and/or suspicious behavior they observe to a school staff member. If something is out of the ordinary, they can report the information to their teacher or another school employee so it can be addressed/investigated.
  • RISD maintains a close working relationship with the Richardson and Dallas police departments, and frequently work together to investigate information and rumors of potential concern.

In addition to these measures, RISD has additional measures and protocols in place to protect campuses that are not published for security reasons. 

Parents with suggestions or concerns related to school security are encouraged to contact their campus principal.