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Chromebook Take Home Program

We’re excited to let you know that as part of RISD’s STEM For All initiative, this school year our students will be able to take their school-issued Google Chromebook home with them. This will allow students to extend their digital learning beyond school as they can conduct research, work on projects, and submit assignments while away from campus. Attached to this message is a document that provides more information about the Chromebook that your student will be issued. Two areas we want to highlight for you include insurance and security.

Parents of all RISD students issued a Chromebook are required to purchase insurance for the device that protects against accidental damage, cracked screens, and theft. The insurance is reasonably priced at $22 that covers the entire school year. You can purchase the insurance online at this link. If your family is facing financial hardship, please contact the school to learn about payment plan options.

Security and Appropriate Use
All RISD Chromebooks come equipped with GoGuardian, which blocks attempts to visit inappropriate websites. At school, GoGuardian also allows teachers and administrators to monitor individual student Chromebook usage that provides an added layer of oversight to protect students from inappropriate use or content. When your student brings their Chromebook home, you will have the option of connecting the device to your home Internet. If you do, GoGuardian will still block inappropriate websites but RISD staff will not actively monitor usage while students are away from school.

Once the $22 insurance premium has been paid, students can be issued their Chromebook as soon as schedule pickup on Aug 8th for 8th graders and Aug 12th for 7th graders.


If you have any questions about your student’s RISD Google Chromebook, please contact Nick Rustin at

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