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Welcome to the Skyview Library!

Skyview was excited to welcome Miss Texas, Averie Bishop to who spent time talking with students about dreaming big and setting goals.

Welcome to our library! The Skyview Library is a place where everyone loves to come because exciting things are always going on. From learning how the library operates, finding great new books to read, discovering online resources or  understanding how to be good digital citizens, the list goes on. Everyday is an adventure on the way to us all becoming life long learners.

The Skyview LITE, Ms. McWilliams, has been at Skyview for over 3 years and has been a part of libraries for the past 15 years. She loves to spend her time with family and friends, cooking, reading and learning new things. The best part of her day is helping scholars who are excited about reading and learning. 

Mary McWilliams
Library Information Technology Educator


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