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Hello, I am Tani Johnson, and I am really happy to be joining the amazing learning community at Mohawk Elementary. I have a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and a Master’s in School Counseling from Lamar University. In my 20 years in education, I have taught different levels of elementary classes and worked with students in special education and dyslexia intervention.

As a school counselor, I love encouraging all students to do their best. I believe elementary school is a crucial time for building knowledge, developing attitudes, and gaining skills for confidence and success. I enjoy my job because it provides me with the special opportunity to utilize the diverse resources that are available to support students in achieving their academic and social goals.

When I am not at work, I love being with my family, friends, and spending time outdoors. Trying new things and going on adventures excites me as I explore new places. Whether it is exploring trails, hiking, or riding my bike, I enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of nature. I also like trying new experiences such as going to local events, trying different restaurants, and taking in cultural festivals. Additionally, I enjoy reading and listening to live music. I am excited about the upcoming school year and eagerly looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone.

What we do:

RISD Counseling Services delivers equitable access to a comprehensive school counseling program for ALL students. The RISD Counseling Services program is designed to Build Better Humans who build connections, learn at the highest levels, grow into leaders who change the world, and succeed in all endeavors.
Through delivering a safe, innovative, and welcoming comprehensive school counseling program, RISD Counseling

Services Provides:

• Access to high quality learning,
• Advocacy for the needs of all students through superior guidance lessons, responsive services, and individual planning,
• Collaboration with district stakeholders on important social-emotional learning, and
• Leadership enabling student success in college, career, and military readiness exploration.
RISD Counselors Build Better Humans through relevant and personalized counseling services that lead each RISD student to their brightest future.
• Counselor-Led Classroom Lessons
• Crisis Counseling/Assistance
• Individual Counseling
• Small Group Counseling
• Personal/Social Concerns
• Connections to Basic Needs (food, clothing, etc.)
• Outside Counseling Resources

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Upcoming Events

  • December 22nd -January 8th: Winter Break

  • January 15th: Student and Staff Holiday

  • January 16th – 18th: 4-7 p.m., Theatre/Visual interviews

  • January 16th – 26th: 6th Grade Registration Guidance Begins

  • January 18th: Day time interviews for ACE, AIK, CGB, FLA, RAC, SKY, STL, TME

  • January 24th: 6th Graders visit RNJH to learn about AVID

  • January 26th: AVID Application and Written Interview Due

  • January 31st: Notifications

Upcoming Lessons

  • January Lessons:

    Kindergarten – 3rd Grade: Effective Communication Conflict Resolution and Circle of Control

    4th Grade – 5th Grade: Bonding and Relationships

    4th Grade: Managing Peer Pressure

    5th Grade: Safe Use of Prescription and OTC Medication

    6th Grade: Junior High Preview and Bonding and Relationships