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The Parkhill Junior High School Orchestras consist of three ensembles: BeginnerIntermediate and Advanced. Students are auditioned into the upper two ensembles based on their technical and musical skills, assets and deficits in an effort to ensure each child’s musical needs are being met at the appropriate level of challenge and instruction.

Beginning Orchestra is also conducted at the 6th grade level on an elementary campus, however students who wish to begin learning a stringed instrument in 7th or 8th grade may join the Beginner Orchestra ensemble where we spend the majority of the time focusing on fundamentals of string performance. The Intermediate ensemble, typical level for a 2nd year string student, focuses on musical development and new technique, the reinforcement of fundamental practices, and concert literature preparation. The Advanced ensemble is intended for 3rd year students (or those with more than 3 years of experience), or those who have demonstrated rapid progress and understanding for a 2nd year player. This class focuses on the development of musicality through challenging concert repertoire, with the intent to prepare students for the rigors of high school orchestra.

Each ensemble participates fully in our concert series throughout the school year. The Advanced orchestra is often asked to perform at local school or community events. All three orchestra ensembles take part in the annual Richardson Chamber Music Festival and the Spring Festival (typically at NRH2O or Hawaiian Falls). Additionally the Advanced Orchestra performs in the annual state assessment, UIL Concert and Sight Reading.

Opportunities for students to work with master teachers in the form of private lessons are made available throughout the school year and summer, and students are all encouraged to take lessons as well as attend summer string camps. Private lessons may be conducted during the school day (during 30 minutes of the orchestra class) to allow for maximum flexibility in after school scheduling. The goal of the Parkhill Orchestra program is provide quality music instruction on a stringed instrument to all interested students, regardless of mental or physical disability.

Please inquire with Mrs. Fox-Wells to secure a private lesson teacher for your young musician.