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Attendance Codes and Tardies

You will see T for Tardy, P for Present, or A for Absent.

Tardy – arrived tardy within the first 20 minutes of class

Present – attended the full class and was on time for learning

Absent – did not show for class or arrived after 20 minutes 

In order for your child to count for our attendance and funding, please make every effort possible to schedule appointments before or after the 1:35 PM time. Thank you!
When your child is absent, please upload your parent note. See below on instructions.

Need a Grade Level Secretary to discuss attendance notes or get early release for your Mustang?

9th grade, Mirna Romero, 469-593-5214
10th grade, Alma Olguin, 469-593-5072
11th grade, Valerie Coombs, 469-593-5060
12th grade, Michelle Coady, 469-593-5028