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Principal Bill Gattus

Born and raised in Richardson, Texas, my journey through RISD started more than 30 years ago at Big Springs Elementary. I made my way from Big Springs, through MST, Apollo Junior High, finally graduating from Berkner High School.

After a stint in College Station, attending the incredible Texas A&M University, I returned to RISD as an elementary PE teacher and football coach at Berkner High School. Over the years I’ve also gotten to teach 3rd grade and special education, and spent the last four years as an assistant principal.

My wife and I live just a few minutes away from the home I grew up in and our son started school in the district earlier this year. We are an RISD family through and through.

I take great pride in my role as the Principal at Richland Elementary, home of the Rockets, where we believe all students will learn and grow.

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Interim Principal LaShon Easter

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Assistant Principal Michael Groth

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Assistant Principal Lakesha Mitchell