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Audelia Creek Elementary

About Our School

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Audelia Creek Elementary School Overview

Audelia Creek Elementary offers a wide variety of programs and services to meet the needs of all students including (but not limited to): special education support, bilingual and ESOL programs, counseling services, technology and media integration, as well as the priviledge of having two on-site medical staff for our over 650 students.
We pride ourselves in having some of the most talented and dedicated individuals involved in a variety of services that inspire students to be the very best they can be.
We want our families to feel a sense of community here at ACE and our efforts are focused on creating an environment in which our families work together for the benefit of all our children.

Welcome to the Creek

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year at Audelia Creek Elementary School. We are the home of the mighty Stallions, and we serve over 650 students in grades Pre K – 6th. We are a family of lifelong learners and believe in partnerships with our students and families to strengthen individual achievements and successes for each student.
Audelia Creek is an Elementary School in Richardson ISD. Student grade levels range from PreKindergarten through 6th grade (English/monolingual) and PreKindergarten through 4th grade (Spanish/bilingual). Audelia Creek is also home to central special education programs DLC (Developmental Learning Classroom) & SDC (Structured Developmental Classroom).

Our school mascot is a stallion, and our school colors are maroon & white. Shoot for the Stars is our theme this year. The staff is very caring, supportive and professional. We are proud of our campus and all of the programs available to our students

Campus Mission

The mission of Audelia Creek Elementary School is to provide a world class education for all students.
We pledge to embrace diversity, treat others with respect and dignity, recruit and maintain well-trained and highly motivated staff and be full-time ambassadors for our school.

Vision of Audelia Creek

Audelia Creek Elementary’s vision is where all students learn, grow and succeed. The campus mission is to serve and prepare all students for their global future.

History of Audelia Creek

Richardson ISD opened Audelia Creek Elementary in the fall of 2002. In its first few years of operation, ACE barely clung to an academically acceptable state rating. When the TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement was adopted in 2005, ACE rocketed from Acceptable to Recognized to Exemplary. Through the transition from TAP to the new teacher evaluation system of T-TESS, teachers continue to sustain programs of excellence at Audelia Creek. 

Strengthening teacher skills through ongoing professional development and continued teacher collaboration through Professional Learning Communities has helped ACE make a complete turn around. Audelia Creek has received the highest possible scores indicating far above average results compared to its peers in the state.