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Visitors to RISD Facilities

RISD expects all visitors to any District facility to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  Visitors must follow any facility entry procedures as a condition of entry. 

RISD may refuse to allow entry or may eject from its property any person who behaves in an inappropriate manner for a school setting, poses a substantial risk of harm to any person, or who refuses to leave peaceably upon request.  An unauthorized person who trespasses on RISD property commits a Class C Misdemeanor.   Ref. Texas Education Code § 37.105, 37.107, Texas Penal Code § 30.05, RISD Board Policy GKA.

A person who is ejected from or denied entry to an RISD facility may appeal the action under the District’s complaint policy.  See policy GF (public complaints), FNG (student/parent complaints), or DGBA (employee complaints). RISD’s policies are available on its website