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3 West Counselors

Ashley Callis
Last Names A-L
(469) 593-3745

Asra Jaffar
Last Names: M-Z
(469) 593-3703

Heather Garrett
Intervention Counselor
(469) 593-3692

Richardson West Counseling Vision Statement

The vision of Richardson West Junior High Arts and Technology Magnet is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program for all students to be successful and be well-rounded academically, socially and emotionally as leaders in and outside of the classroom.  Counselors  provide social and emotional development and college and career exploration to be future-focused in the growth and development of students.  We encourage students to advocate for themselves to remove barriers so they can activate their potential and confidence as productive contributors and leaders of society.

Richardson West Counseling Mission statement

The mission of the School Counseling Program at Richardson West Junior High Arts and Technology Magnet is to provide a comprehensive developmental guidance program that cultivates equity of services to all students! Counselors strive to empower students with tools and resources to help develop their sense of agency as a contributing member of society.

Richardson West Junior High Arts & Technology Magnet Counselor Comprehensive Guidance Program Syllabus

What we do:

RISD Counseling Services delivers equitable access to a comprehensive school counseling program for ALL students. The RISD Counseling Services program is designed to Build Better Humans who build connections, learn at the highest levels, grow into leaders who change the world, and succeed in all endeavors.

Through delivering a safe, innovative, and welcoming comprehensive school counseling program, RISD Counseling Services provides:

  • Access to high quality learning,
  • Advocacy for the needs of all students through superior guidance lessons, responsive services, and individual planning,
  • Collaboration with district stakeholders on important social-emotional learning, and
  • Leadership enabling student success in college, career, and military readiness exploration.

RISD Counselors Build Better Humans through relevant and personalized counseling services that lead each RISD student to their brightest future.


  • Counselor-Led Classroom Lessons
  • Crisis Counseling/Assistance
  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • 4-year plans (Personal Graduation Plan or “PGP”)
  • Course Requests
  • College Applications
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Personal/Social Concerns
  • Connections to Basic Needs (food, clothing, etc.)
  • Outside Counseling Resources

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