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Please join us from February 1st-March 1st, 2024 as we pay homage to great leaders during Black History Month. Each day we will celebrate a particular individual who has made great contributions to our society. Along with these celebrations, we will have a theme in which our students can participate. Please see the list below to see daily honorees and themes.

February 1st: Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett (Black National Anthem: Lift Every Voice and Sing)

February 2nd: Martin Robison Delany (Wear Red, Black, and Green)

February 5th: Brehanna Daniels (Soul Science Lab/African Dance Master Classes)

February 6th: Bayard Rustin (Wear HBCU Paraphernalia)

February 7th: Wilma Rudolph (Jordan Sneakers)

February 8th: Bessie Coleman (Wear Occupational Hats)

February 9th: Amanda S.C. Gorman (Wear a Motivational T-Shirt)

February 12th: Robert Abbott Sengstack (JuJu/Gnawa/Mbaqanga Music)

February 13th: Bill Willis (Wear Baseball Parapherenalia)

February 14th: Valerie Thomas (Dress Like a Scientist)

February 15th: Garrett Morgan (Celebrate George Crum: Potato Chip Maker)

February 16th: Ibram X. Kendi (Read Aloud Books by Black Authors)

February 20th: Lonnie Johnson (Stream Hot Jazz: Jelly Roll Morton/Ethel Water)

February 21st: Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler (Dress Like a Doctor)

February 22nd: Henrietta Lacks: (Dress Like a Golden-Ager)

February 23rd: Dr. James E. West (Dress as your Favorite R&B Star-School Appropriate)

February 26th: Dr. Soloman Carter Fuller (Divine Nine Greek Paraphernalia)

February 27th: Dr. Patricia Bath (Stram Hot Jazz: Duke Ellington/Bessie Smith

February 28th: Freddie Fingers (Dress In All Black)

February 29th: Bebe Moore Campbell (Wear Traditional African Fabrics; Drummer’s Circle BHM Performance)