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Thank you for visiting the TME Library page. We are excited about reading and supporting our students with their literacy goals. We bring fun activities to the library as well as opportunities to enhance your scholar’s classroom experience. TME supports reading goals that are proven to increase and improve your student’s reading performance, ability to search for information, and knowledge of internet etiquette. Not only do classroom teachers work with me to deliver excellent content but also all district LITEs (library and technology educators) work together to design lessons for use in the library.


LITE Kristeane Benavides

This is my 19th+ year in education and my second year as a librarian. 
I taught German and ESL for 17 years at the high school level, and I am loving the opportunity to work with all the great scholars here at TME!

Feel free to contact me at
Call me at 469-593-6806 if you have any questions.

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Library Resources

Check out the catalogs below to help your scholar choose some books.
The LS2 Kids Catalog is a user friendly way for our younger scholars to search for books in the library. 
The LS2 Catalog is what 3rd through 6th grade scholars are accustomed to using when they search for TME Library books.

We add to our book collection throughout the year to keep up with growing minds. 

Our Library Catalog

LS2 Kids Catalog

LS2 Catalog