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Westwood Junior High: the Math, Science, Leadership Magnet


Westwood is the only junior high in RISD to offer Geometry on campus.

At other junior high schools in the District, students must travel to the high school to take Geometry.

Pathways at Westwood

  • Students and parents may select PATH 1 or 2 during registration without taking a placement test.
  • To qualify for PATH 3, students must pass the Algebra I placement test. Speak with your student’s 6th grade counselor regarding registration for this assessment

7th Grade – 7th Grade Regular
8th Grade – 8th Grade Regular
9th Grade – Algebra I

7th Grade – 7th Grade Pre-AP
8th Grade – 8th Grade Algebra I
9th Grade – Geometry

7th Grade – Pre-AP Algebra I
8th Grade – Geometry
9th Grade – Algebra II