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Sergio Arzac

Greetings! I love cooking & baking, board games, running, playing around with technology, movies, podcasts, reading, reading, reading, reading books, reading magazines, reading comic strips, reading instruction manuals, reading chapter books, reading picture books, reading fiction, reading nonfiction, reading graphic novels, reading history, reading ridiculousness, reading!

I’m honored to be the LITE/Librarian at Yale Elementary, in Richardson ISD.

But why?

First and foremost, I love reading for fun. But, reading opens the mind and builds empathy. I’ve learned so much about the world not only from reading history, but from fiction that takes place in another setting, whether in another time or place. I’ve learned there is so much more to the world than what’s around me.

Often I’ve had a problem, and I felt less alone when I read about a character, sometimes fictional sometimes real, that faced the same problem. Or, I solved the problem based on a character’s actions! Sure, reading is also test practice. But, some of the best learning I’ve done was when I read for fun. I hope you read for you the rest of your life!

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